MAPFRE is the biggest insurance company in Latin America

MAPFRE was born in 1933 in Spain when a Group of agricultures created a Mutuality Association to Protect themselves from the common risks. This way the “Mutualidad de la Agrupación de Propietarios de Fincas Rústicas de España” (Mutuality Association of Owners of Rural Properties in Spain), was born.
We are a Spanish business group that in the end of 2008 had presence in 45 countries who develop insurance, reinsurance, financial, real state, and service activities.

We are a Spanish business group that in the end of 2008 had presence in 45 countries who develop insurance, reinsurance, financial, real state, and service activities.

We are the number one insurance group in the Spanish market, and we are the number one foreign insurance company in Latin America, where we have presence in all countries. Also we are considered one of the first 15 companies in the European insurance market.
We are formed by a group of more than 36,603 people, more than 63,097 delegates, agentes and brokers and one of the biggest amount of branches in Spain and Latin America with 6,997 and 3,580 respectively.

We have a vast variety of products in the insurance sector. We offer a competitive solution to each and specific need from each client, in its properties and heritage. As business group we´ve received lots of knowledge along our history, throughout 2008 we received the following distinctions:

Prince Felipe Award for Business Excellence in the category of Internationalization.

Tiepolo Prize awarded by the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and the Italian House in Spain.

Award to the best Spanish company in the U.S. granted by the Chamber of Commerce of Spain in Florida.

We position ourselves in the 10th place of the Merco Report (Spanish Corporate Reputation Monitor -July 2008).

We are part of Fortune’s ranking of the 500 largest companies in the world.

MAPFRE in Mexico

In March 16, 1944 with a capital of a million pesos, “Seguros Tepeyac, S.A.” was formed.
In 1990, Seguros Tepeyac associated with MAPFRE system and started a new stage of development and growth. By the 2000, MAPFRE System acquired 100% of the share in “Seguros Tepeyac” and that way MAPFRE was born in México.
Our mission is to guaranty satisfaction in our clients, costumers, agents, suppliers, employees, share holders, and authorities, with service, leadership and social responsibility orientation.
We provide legal defense secured service, specialized care centers, an extensive medical network and workshops.

We Have



692 women

and 893 men


is the average age


is the average antiquity

Our approach to the human factor translates into being one of the best companies to work in México, according to the “Great Place to Work Institute Mexico”, and the Best Place to Work for Women.

We are certified as a Socially Responsible Company, occupying the 2nd place in the ranking of the 50 most innovative companies according to Information Week, and recently we were awarded the certificate of Model for Gender Equity to offer equal opportunities to both men and women.

Institutional Principles


MAPFRE is an independent Group of any person, entity, Group or power of any kind, as indispensable requirement arising from the associative nature of its parent company.

Ethical and Social
Responsible Action

In recognition of the role and responsibilities of private entities in the proper development and progress of the society, and that should translate into respect for the legitimate rights of all individuals or legal entities which are related with those of Society in general.


Based in the belief that who integrates MAPFRE system are an essential part of it, and that means that the relationships between them should be governed by mutual respect and human values such as tolerance, cordiality and solidarity, so that its active in a climate of cohesion, internal confidence and enthusiasm.

Strict Separation

Between the MAPFRE Group Business activities, who’s objective is creating value for all shareholders and the activities of the FUNDACIÓNMAPFRE, which objectives are of general interest and welfare, and must develop a non-profit.

Business Principles

MAPFRE has base its business actions in the next principles:

Globality and Constant
Innovation of the Offer



We offer our clients a full range of products and services to prevent and cover their risks, and solve their needs of savings and personal or family prevention.

Multinational Vocation



We grow while contributing to economic and social progress of other countries with the introduction in the same companies that base their management in our institutional and business principles.




MAPFRE is organized into units and companies with great management autonomy, which have specific structures and equipment for different activities as a means of achieving maximum efficiency in customer service




We bring the decision-making to the location of the problems with a means of achieving maximum flexibility in the management and proper utilization of the capabilities of the entire organization.